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Why Does the Car Audio Fuse Often Blow?

There are various reasons for the car audio fuse to blow, both related to the electrical system and the product itself. Make sure to use high-quality car audio fuses as one of the vital components of your car audio system.

Upgrading the car audio system is often done by car owners who feel unsatisfied with the factory-installed audio quality. Optimizing the performance of the car audio system involves more than just replacing hardware components like speakers. Small devices such as car audio fuses are also essential to consider.


Car audio fuses are tube-shaped with heat-resistant materials, designed not to easily burn or melt. The main function of a car audio fuse is to maintain the stability of electrical currents in the audio hardware and software to achieve the best sound quality. Although its working principle is similar to that of the car’s electrical system, car audio fuses are designed with a more attractive appearance, making them double as car accessories.


As a vital component of the electrical system, the condition of the car audio fuse must always be monitored and ensured to be properly installed. If the car audio fuse is damaged, there is a risk of damaging or causing other components to burn out. Below are the causes of blown car audio fuses that you need to know to address the issue properly.

Causes of Car Audio Fuse Blowing Frequently

1. Excessive Electric Current

The main cause of car audio fuse blowing is an excessive electric load. This can happen when the voltage used is too low and can lead to the car audio fuse burning out or melting. If it burns out or melts, you should immediately check the flow of electric current that caused the car audio fuse to blow. The addition of electrical devices can also be a cause of excessive electric load.

2. Electrical Short Circuit

Electrical short circuit can also be a cause of car audio fuse blowing. It occurs due to unstable electric currents flowing into the car audio fuse, resulting in damage. This unstable electric current flow is a preventive measure to avoid damaging other electrical systems. You should immediately locate the short circuit to prevent further propagation.

3. Faulty Car Audio Fuse Socket

The socket or housing for the car audio fuse can be the cause of its damage, such as blowing or melting. Common issues occur due to the presence of corrosion on the metal contacts in the car audio fuse socket, leading to unstable electric current flow. This corrosion or dirt can cause the car audio fuse to heat up more quickly and eventually melt. If this happens, you just need to sand or replace the socket.

4. Using Inappropriate Size of Car Audio Fuse

Car audio fuses can be differentiated by color and numbers located on the top, which indicates their size. If the car audio fuse size is not appropriate, it can lead to excessive heat that may damage the car audio fuse. Generally, the fuse housing cover of the car audio system already contains instructions about the proper fuse size to be used for each electrical component. Make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of the car’s electrical system.

5. Quality of Car Audio Fuse

Poor quality car audio fuses can be a reason for the car audio fuse to blow quickly because they cannot withstand the electrical load. Low-quality car audio fuses may also cause other damages to the car due to the unstable flow of electrical current.

Regular checking of the car audio electrical system is an essential activity. However, if any damage occurs, entrust the repair of the car audio fuse and other components to Tiga Sumber Audio, whose quality has been proven and trusted.

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