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The Function and Benefits of Car Subwoofer for Entertainment During Travels

A car subwoofer serves many purposes as a component of in-car audio. Make sure you use a high-quality car subwoofer to enhance your music listening experience while driving.

The development of audio components will be in line with the rapid advancement of automobiles. However, many drivers are still unaware and do not understand the difference between the functions of subwoofers and speakers in car audio components.

The Function of Car Subwoofer

Subwoofer and speakers installed as components of car audio have similar shapes and designs, but they serve different functions. These two types of speakers are distinguished based on the sound they produce, such as woofers for low-frequency sounds, midrange for mid-frequency sounds, and tweeters for high-frequency sounds.


In general, speakers are devices used to produce sound from electrical energy. Subwoofers are bass sound amplification systems capable of producing lower frequencies. Their primary function is to emit sound ranging from 10 Hz to 200 Hz.


When the audio components are appropriately matched, they produce good sound harmonization within a frequency range of approximately 20 kHz to 29 kHz. The car subwoofer captures and produces low tones, enhancing the overall sound quality emitted by the speakers, resulting in a smoother audio experience.

The Benefits of Car Subwoofer as Entertainment During Driving

1. Improved Bass Response

Installing a car subwoofer will help extend the bass response, enhancing the sound of the music played inside the car. Typically, the majority of car stereo speakers will start to roll off at around 50 Hz. However, with a high-quality subwoofer, very low frequencies at 20 Hz or even lower can produce clear bass, ensuring that even the lowest frequencies are audible.

2.Clearer Sound

High-quality car subwoofers have excellent responsiveness and speed, resulting in clearer bass sound. On the other hand, low-quality car subwoofers may not respond quickly when the start and stop buttons on the vocal or instrumental parts of the music are pressed.

3. Distortion Reduction

Car subwoofers indeed help reduce the demand and distortion on the car’s full-range speakers. When full-range speakers produce bass at low frequencies, their diaphragms can cause distortion. Woofers may not be able to keep up with tweeters and mid drivers when playing music at high volumes. However, having a high-quality car subwoofer ensures that playing music at high volumes won’t introduce distortion, providing a clearer and more enjoyable listening experience.

4. Relieving the Burden on Small-sized Speakers

The car subwoofer will take over the role of small-sized speakers in producing low-frequency sounds. With the presence of a car subwoofer, the small-sized speakers only need to handle sounds at more comfortable frequencies. The existence of the car subwoofer undoubtedly relieves the burden on full-range speakers and helps eliminate the distortion effects in the produced sound.

5. Full Spectrum Responsiveness

The sound produced by the car subwoofer will have a longer extension compared to the spectrum of regular speakers. However, with the presence of high-quality car audio components, the speakers will search for and attain the best frequency spectrum, resulting in high frequencies producing sound with optimal clarity.


Implementing a car subwoofer will lower the frequency output of the amplifier with more precise bass management. Additionally, the AV amplifier will be connected to drive the smaller-sized speakers in the high and mid frequencies.


Car speakers typically handle bass across various music genres. Nevertheless, with the presence of a high-quality car subwoofer, you can enjoy listening to music more comfortably.

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To keep up with the rapidly advancing technology, Tiga Sumber Audio offers state-of-the-art car audio systems capable of adapting to any developments. Experience optimal music listening as entertainment while driving with Tiga Sumber Audio!”

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